Our Commitment



Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

We are dedicated to conducting our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We are committed to address and monitor all aspects of that are relevant to our business. These include ethical behavior, concern for our employees’ health and safety, care for the planet and community involvement.

Our Commitment to Our People

Great companies begin with amazing management who collectively select the finest talent. Mind you, our company leaders are not executive-row types – they are talented and creative people with the commitment and desire to make YiZRi Innovations truly relevant. We embrace creativity! We walk in the future!

The founder of our company set the bar by establishing fundamental behaviors for our management team. These include:

Treat Others as You Would Wish to be Treated

We encourage equitable behavior in all business relationships.

Keep Promises

Trust is essential in every relationship. We encourage our team to be open and honest in all business relationships and to answer questions with complete truth.

It is All About People

We acknowledge and recognize that we are dealing with people who have feelings, passions, emotions and sensitivities.

Put People in a Winning Position

We realize people want to do well and enjoy their roles in the organization. We are committed to foster growth and challenge our team.

Celebrate a Job Well Done

We recognize success and reward our people appropriately.

Communication is Essential

Our team must be truly interested in listening to ideas. We encourage voices to be heard, valued, appreciated and acknowledged. We openly share information so people can contribute without reservation.

Focus on Growth and the Future

Each of us must learn to delegate and let go of the things that could be done by others. We must encourage new skill development and successes in others.

Build Relationships

Great business cultures come to life by the nature of the way people interrelate, making for a wave of shared ideas and integration.

Welcome Differences

Without difference is sameness…we seek balance. Each of our employees brings unique skills and abilities into our organization.

Fun and Laughter Prevail

We believe that fun entails experiencing a deep enjoyment in what you are doing… we just do not take ourselves too seriously. Humor and laughter allows us to cope with all the challenges we face.

Learn from Mistakes

We encourage people to take risks and learn from mistakes.

No One Succeeds Alone

To keep our business buzzing, we must “pollinate” our team with creative values, ideas and passion.

Employee Empowerment

You will be empowered with the ability to make decisions on the spot for our clients and partners. There is no passing the buck at YiZRi Innovations.