Imagine… VoiceSee



For Educational Institutions

VoiceSee™ can provide better accessibility to students with a wide range of disabilities, including visual impairment.

For Recipe Websites

VoiceSee makes receipe websites more enjoyable to visitors by providing the ability to listen to the ingredients and instructions through self-paced voice commands.

For Media

VoiceSee will redefine the news media. Newspapers and magazine websites providers want to increase the time spent on their website or bring in readers who no longer have the time to read the newspaper at breakfast or magazine at lunch. More time spent on the website leads to customer loyalty and attractiveness to sponsors and advertisers. Subscribers can get real-time information… with breaking news and on-the-spot updates — hands-free & eyes-free.

For Bloggers

Bloggers have the distinctive opportunity to gain followers and drive traffic through VoiceSee hands-free and eyes-free delivery of information.

For Service Technicians

Field Personnel can now get real-time hands-free and eyes-free assistance when trying to fix an easy or complicated problem. That’s a win/win for everyone.

For Warehouse Personnel

Warehouse and fulfillment personnel can eliminate the costly paper routine – they can be queued on command what item to pick up, where it is, etc. It changes the entire supply chain concept.

We believe the promise of VoiceSee is limited only by your imagination…