Culinary Pal™ FAQ


Q1. I tried searching for a Kugel recipes but whenever I say “Kugel” it hears Google. How do I search for Kugel?

A1. Even Google’s state-of-the-art speech recognition engine makes sometimes errors. Here is how to work around this in VoiceSee™:

    1. Say: “Let me spell it!”

    2. Now spell every letter, saying either its name of its Nato Alphabet equivalinet (i.e. “Kilo”, “Uniform”, “Golf”, “Echo”, “Lima”).
      Note: Wait for Sadie to acknowledge recognizig the letter before proceeding to the next one.

    3. Say: “Finish Spelling!”


Q2. When will VoiceSee be able to pull up other food recipe sites like or Food &

A2. We anticipate this will be a gradual process. We can deliver additional sites support within weeks of receiving funding, but prioritizing which will be implemented first is dependent on user’s feedback and whether the website owners contract us to get ahead in the queue.