News Pal™ FAQ



Q1. How do I skip to a different section in the New York Times without waiting for the entire list to be read?

A1. Wait for your turn to speak (either immediately after you interrupt Sadie, or at the end of Sadie’s current speech), then say the name of the section (e.g. “Technology!”, “Business!”, etc.).


Q2. Sometimes, when I press the either PREV or NEXT headset button, News Pal freezes. Why?

A2. Are you using an SVOX Classic TTS natural voice by any chance? Not all text-to-speech engines are created equal… Like every software-based product, text-to-speech engines have bugs too. Try using a different TTS engine (e.g. IVONA or the built-in voice that came with your phone).


Q3. Will other newspapers and magazines be available via VoiceSee?

A3. Yes, we will be releasing frequent updates to News Pal, based on community demand.