Wiki Pal™

Utilizing the latest state of the art text-to-speech and speech recognition technologies, VoiceSee™ Wiki Pal is the world’s first hands-free *and* eyes-free Wikipedia web browser for your Android mobile phone or tablet.

Turn downtime to fun time by listening to VoiceSee™ Wiki Pal in your walk, exercise, commute, or any other activity that requires your visual attention.

Stuck in traffic in the big city and you still need to check the piece of information before that meeting?

Use your voice to tell Wikipedia which entry to search for. Speak to navigate through the overview, key highlights and entry sections via voice only – no need to use your eyes (!) because Sadie (the voice of VoiceSee) will be reading you, the entry’s content. All you have to do is listen.

Enjoy the “Dick Tracy” access to Wikipedia – ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. This is unlike anything you have seen before: Siri doesn’t read you websites. VoiceSee does! Screen readers don’t listen. VoiceSee does!

As an added bonus, you can say: “Search via Google” and you will hear Wiki Pal prompting you for the search term. You can visit any website using Wiki Pal.





Android (version 2.2 and higher)

Software Requirements:

Google Voice Search must be installed on the Android phone.  Note: most devices are already equipped with Google Voice Search. Otherwise, it can be freely downloaded from Google Play.

To fully enjoy our unique technology, we highly recommend that you install a natural text-to-speech voice, available on Google Play. The following are two examples of such voices:



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