Our Products

Our flagship product, VoiceSee™, is the world’s first totally handsfree and eyesfree web navigation platform. It profoundly changes how media is communicated. People who are visually impaired, have difficulty reading or just prefer the spoken word no longer have to read text – it can be prompted and read to them by Sadie – the voice of VoiceSee.



Those Who Try It, Love It


Here is what Dr. Stanley Greenberg, a former director for the Vermont Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired says about VoiceSee:

“I would love to have this application. . . . It would make the internet much easier to navigate considering how many websites are marginally accessible and some are not accessible at all.”

Danielle Gould from Food+Tech Connect writes:

“…Culinary Pal – recently caught my attention… highlight digital home cooking tool trends worth keeping an eye on.”

And Christopher McMillan from CEEK Technology says:

“I love seeing innovative products like this for the Blind and Visually impaired. The Federal Government will be very interested in this for its work force in time and also our disabled veterans!”

To read about what the media say about VoiceSee, go to USA Today, The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, Science 2.0 or just Google “The World’s First Hands-free and Eyes-free Web Navigation Platform”.



So what’s the future with this type of technology? Well — it will suit the needs of users.

We demonstrated our technology at the latest Vermont Tech Jam and this is just a sample of the comments we received:

  • “I would use this product to learn more.”
  • “I would use it for everything (Facebook, ITT tech school, Google).”
  • “I would search for technical products, try to find solutions to technical problems”
  • “Yes, I would for everyday use (primarily Facebook, email and recipes for cooking)”
  • “I would read news sites during my commute.”
  • “Yes. I would use this app in the car.”

Imagine… VoiceSee