VoiceSee™ FAQ



What is the difference between VoiceSee and iPhone’s Siri?

Short answer: Siri can’t read you websites.

Longer answer: Siri is neither hands-free nor eyes-free. With Apple’s Siri you have to keep pressing the button to be heard… VoiceSee, on the other hand, prompts you and waits for your response automagically.

Also, Siri’s response isn’t always via voice. Siri will often respond with a list or some other small font text that you have to squint in order to read. VoiceSee always responds by talking to you (and if you haven’t installed Loquendo TTS Susan yet, you should, because the effect is astounding. It’s like a real person conversing with you.

Lastly, try using Siri to read you an entire recipe, at your own pace… It doesn’t even come close to the VoiceSee experience.

When will VoiceSee be available for iPhones/iPads?

Currently, only Android applications are implemented. The iPhone images are presented for illustration purposes: An iPhone/iPad version will be available approximately 6 months after we get sufficient funding for porting VoiceSee™ to the iPhone, contingent on Apple’s supported API.

When will VoiceSee be able to pull up other food recipe sites like Epicurious.com or Food & Wine.com?

We anticipate this will be a gradual process. We can deliver additional sites support within weeks of receiving funding, but prioritizing which will be implemented first is dependent on user’s feedback and whether the website owners contract us to get ahead in the queue.

Will other newspapers and magazines be available via VoiceSee?

Yes, we will be releasing frequent updates to News Pal, based on community demand.

Why would I pay for a membership?

We are not selling mobile applications; we are selling a service with maintenance.  We constantly monitor ever-evolving changes in the websites that we feature.

Sadie is an American version of VoiceSee. Will there also be a custom dictionary for Commonwealth English?

You can already use VoiceSee with UK English, using the default speech engine that comes with Android (Pico), or Ivona’s Amy. We will be awaiting a UK text-to-speech engine from Loquendo. Regardless, we will be releasing frequent updates to polish VoiceSee’s UK English support.

Will VoiceSee be available in other languages?

Yes. Multiple language support is in our technology roadmap.

What technologies are behind the VoiceSee platform?

The main enabler behind VoiceSee is our patented contextual conversion method and platform. We also utilize current state of the art speech recognition (Google Voice Search) and commercially available text-to-speech engines.

Are there circumstances where my Android or iPhone/iPad will not work perfectly?

VoiceSee is an exciting new technology that relies on a reliable Internet connection, cloud based services such as Google Voice Search and most importantly stability for the supported websites. If the format of the website changes, VoiceSee may fall back into the default “unsupported mode” and while we can very quickly deliver an update to catch up with the change, there may be a short period of time in which the site in question will function in “unsupported mode”.

What are some of the exciting things we can expect from VoiceSee in the future?

The VoiceSee future is bright. We have plans to introduce new functions, enhancements and products in the coming months and years that include:

  • iPhone/iPad app
  • Windows version
  • Sadie override. The ability to interrupt Sadie’s speech and jump directly to your desired option
  • Improved pronunciation
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Greater flexibility for user preferences and customization
  • Power user mode (shorter prompts)
  • The ability to function seamlessly even when Internet connection is briefly disrupted.
  • Support for online learning classrooms (e.g. sites based on blackboard or moodle)
  • Many more supported websites (yes, this includes Facebook!)