Culinary Pal™

Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art text-to-speech and speech-recognition technologies, VoiceSee™ Culinary Pal™ is the first totally hands-free and eyes-free cooking application for your Android mobile phone or tablet.

The joy of cooking and baking has never been more enjoyable, now that you can listen to the ingredients and instructions through self-paced voice commands.

No more printing off recipes, trying to prop open your favorite cookbook, trying to follow a cooking demonstration or risking your computer in the kitchen. No more dirty fingers touching the keypad or transferring bacteria and germs from food to device.

It’s easy – use your voice to tell Culinary Pal™ what recipe you are searching for. Then listen back to Sadie guiding you, step by step. Speak to navigate through the reviews, preparation time and more, via voice only – no need to use your eyes either, because Sadie (the voice of VoiceSee) will be reading you what you need. All you have to do is listen.

You control the pace – you don’t have to scramble to measure two cups of flour and sift three times. You take your time, perform the action and then say, “go!” when you are ready to go to the next step.

Culinary Pal is a cutting-edge aid for cooks and bakers at all levels. It helps you keep your focus on the food by guiding you through the preparation to plating.

Enjoy the “Dick Tracy” access to recipes – HANDS-FREE, EYES-FREE. This is unlike anything you have seen before: Siri doesn’t read you websites. VoiceSee does! Screen readers don’t listen. VoiceSee does!

As an added bonus, you can say: “Google!” and you will hear Culinary Pal prompting you for the search term. You can visit any website using Culinary Pal, just like any web browser.

Currently, Culinary Pal is optimized for only. But in the future, it will support other recipe websites. Please tell us which ones you want to access via Culinary Pal.





Android (version 2.2 and higher)

Software Requirements:

Google Voice Search must be installed on the Android phone.  Note: most devices are already equipped with Google Voice Search. Otherwise, it can be freely downloaded from Google Play.

To fully enjoy our unique technology, we highly recommend that you install a natural text-to-speech voice, available on Google Play. The following are two examples of such voices:



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